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One of Helmer’s most notable legislative efforts was his advocacy for healthcare reform. He sponsored House Bill 1049, which aimed to expand use of healthcare by increasing the amount of Medicaid eligible individuals. This particular bill was a reaction to the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) call for states to broaden their Medicaid programs, a move which Helmer believed would significantly limit the amount of uninsured Virginians. We can’t pay for 4 additional years of gridlock.

He believes that Congressional representatives have to look past petty partisanship to work together to handle the biggest problems facing the country – climate change, national security, education, healthcare, and much more. Dan Helmer is running for Congress since he’s worried about America’s ability to compete with various other nations around the planet. He sponsored HB 1820, which expanded SNAP benefits, providing food assistance to more than 25,000 families. In the realm of labor rights, he played an important part in repealing Virginia’s prohibition on collective bargaining for public employees with HB 1001, thereby requiring public companies to make a deal in faith that is good with their employees (Dan Helmer for Congress).

Additionally, he became a chief co patron of HB 698, that established a legal market for marijuana, creating new business opportunities and also a regulatory framework of the market (Cardinal News). Helmer’s legislative projects have also centered on economic growth and supporting the middle class. Dan Helmer, https://www.linkedin.com a Democratic fellow member of the Virginia House of Delegates, was at the cutting edge of sponsoring bills that will reflect his commitment to progressive community and ideals welfare.

In the intricate world of politics, the legislation sponsored by a representative could really serve as a window into their values and priorities. This short article delves into the legislative initiatives spearheaded by Helmer, examining their effect and the underlying principles that will drive his policy making. As we follow his legislative journey, it’s apparent that the committees he acts on will play a pivotal role in the policies which determine the Commonwealth’s future.

The committees where Dan Helmer displays aren’t merely titles they are the arenas in which he fights for the values and passions of his constituents. His commitment to these functions is an apparent indication of his commitment to public service and the vision of his for a better Virginia. In April, he was among several Republicans which called on President Trump to revoke previously announced waivers that made it possible for more men and women from Haiti and Cuba to enter the United States.

The platform of his also included re-establishing the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, nevertheless, he did not elaborate on why or how that would be achieved. He opposed the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration.

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